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Design and Development

Design and Development

Your website is the most important part of your online marketing mix. Great care should be taken in turning this digital media into a company asset.

Together your Web Site and your Social Media Pages could be a part of a great marketing strategy and a source of income for your business. So we want to do everything we can to make sure you succeed by providing these services for you.

Web Design

Our goal is to give your company a strong competitive edge. All our designs are created using the Divi theme rather than the usual cheap templates. Divi is a high quality, professional digital package designed to build great websites.

We chose the Divi Theme because it is very flexible in its design. It is also robust and is constantly updated and patched by its creators. All our latest designs have been based on Divi and you’ll see that no two sites look the same.

We also feel that by investing in quality tools, we can offer you a top quality end product. We want you to be satisfied with your site knowing that every detail has been well thought out and planned.

We begin by looking for the best web design that will suit your brand’s image. We also consider your current marketing as well. We’ll then design your site to match your overall brand identity.

Because we use quality tech, you can be sure that your site will offer a good user experience (UX Design). This will help your brand to be seen as an authority in your industry.

As such your customers will prefer your brand above others. Quality design together with a great user experience leads to strong user confidence.

Responsive Design

As part of the UX Design process, we make sure your site is optimized with responsive design in mind. Responsive design ensures that your website displays well on all digital devices. That includes Mobile Phones, tablets and computers.

This ensures that all visitors to your site have a great experience no matter what device they use. Again, it’s all about your brand image and making the most of your digital marketing assets.

Google has made it clear that the bulk of it’s metrics are now aimed at the mobile user. This is because over 58% of site visits are now performed on a mobile phone. Statistics show that this is likely to increase over time.

This means that if you do not optimize your site with responsive design to cater for mobile devices, you are already losing sales.

Content Creation

It’s important that your web site also markets your company through great content. Your copy will compliment your design and will provide a good impression to visitors.

We’ll take the content that you give us and with our understanding of your company, we can create the copy for you. Based on our findings, we can also suggest topics and pages for your site.

We’ll then send you a copy of the content for your approval and editing before we go ahead and upload it to your site. This is because it is important that the information is true and reflects your company in the best light.

Having a company blog has become a normal practice these days. It adds to your user experience, and creates trust in your brand. We can also help you to create content that is useful and educational for your web site visitors.

A well thought out blog sets you up as an authority in your industry. It is an easy way for you to promote your company through your knowledge of the products and services you offer. All this adds to your digital marketing and helps promote your company on the web.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As part of our services in the development of your website, we look at all aspects of SEO. This is a fundamental part of your long term digital marketing strategy.

Through proper use of seo, you will be able to attract more organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is free and keeps your marketing costs down. People searching organically are also often ready to buy. So you will want to take advantage of this market.

Technical SEO

Once the web design is complete, we turn our attention to technical seo. This includes many factors as mentioned below;

  • Website Audits
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Robots text
  • Sitemaps and Submissions
  • Schema Markup
  • Website Performance Analytics

We offer different website audits which measure different metrics.

These can be very helpful in taking care of certain issues that otherwise may have been over looked.

Page Speed Optimization is a great way to see the performance of the website. We can measure speeds for mobile and desktop users. We use this information to optimize your site to load faster and consume less data on mobile phones.

Robots text, sitemaps and schema markup all communicate with search engines. These improve your site ranking by helping crawlers understand your website. 

Technical seo ensures that search engine crawlers are able to index the website correctly. Also, new pages will get indexed quicker through the use sitemap submissions.

Website Performance Analytics give you important statistics on how your site is ranking. How many people visit your site, how long they stay on your site and what they do on the site.

By taking care of the technical details we are able to improve user experience. This can also help attract new customers.

On Page SEO

On page seo is all about optimizing each page to rank on each search engine for keywords and key phrases. As part of our services we offer the following;

  • On Page Audits
  • Keyword and keyphrase Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On page headings and content Optimizations
  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • Image and Alt Tags

On Page Audits will give you a good idea of where your site is failing to rank above your competitors. There may be several factors that have been over looked by your site designer and web agencies.

All the above bullet points show you where you can make the improvements on each page. These factors are very easy to miss and many web designer and web agencies are not aware of them.

Correcting on page seo can improve your website’s ranking with the search engine indexing. Boosting your ranking will give you a edge over your competition.

Local SEO

Another important part of your digital marketing is taking care of your local seo. This is mainly about creating links and citations on various media. This includes the following;

  • Google My Business
  • Social Media Pages
  • Local Directory Citations

Google My Business is one of the most important digital marketing platforms available. You can use this to list all the contact details of your company, link to your web site and collect reviews.

Social media pages are useful as an extra source of citations and traffic if used correctly. Creating pages, listing contact details and uploading posts to several social media platforms will improve your traffic.

We have a list of over 20 different local directories where we can submit your company details. These are important as they confirm your company details and also send additional traffic to your site.

Local Business Directories can also help build website authority. Building website authority helps improve your rankings on search engines. Having consistent contact information is crucial to Local SEO.

Website Audits

Website Audits

Audits help us to see where we have missed a crucial part of the of the site design and what we can tweak to make improvements.

We do three main types of audits that help us keep track of what needs to be corrected or improvement on an site development that we’re working on. These are as follows;

Page Speed Audits

Page speed audits gives us the information we need to improve site loading speeds. These audits include information on design, images, html, css and other on page metrics.

Optimizing these metrics will help speed up the site. This in turn will also lessen the burden on mobile data usage for our visitors. In other words, it will cost our visitors less to visit our websites.

Basic Website Audits

Our basic audits give us information relating to the overall website. It covers the basics in seo, usability, performance, social and security of the site.

This audit will give you an idea where small improvements can make the best impact. It also covers the areas that need attention or that may have been missed altogether.

On Page Audits

This is a more comprehensive audit that deals with a single page at a time. These audits will compare your page with similar pages of competing websites.

This detailed audit will give you the following;

  • Recommended Word Count for the page.
  • Number of times the main keyword should be used on the page.
  • Suggested page structure which includes header tags.
  • Suggestions for the Meta Title.
  • Suggestions for the Meta Description.
  • Suggested alternative Keywords to compliment the main keyword.
  • Other recommended keywords to use on the page.
  • Recommended Schema Markup
  • Recommended number of images and alt tags.

This is a comprehensive audit and digs deep into each page to improve your ranking on search engines. Ultimately we aim to be listed on the first page of search results we compete for. This audit will improve your chances of achieving this.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Your website needs regular maintenance. This includes patching, updates and functionality improvements to web coding.  

Regular maintenance includes various activities performed on the website to prevent future issues. As part of our services, we offer web site maintenance as follows;

Website Updates

As mentioned above, we offer general maintenance for websites on a regular basis. We do weekly checks where we ensure wordpress, themes, templates and all plugins are up to date.

We also check the performance of the website and any issues that might need attention. Also your analytics and your site performance on the google platforms. Whenever changes are made we also make sure we submit the latest sitemap to the search engines.

Website Security

This is one of the most important factors in any new web development. As soon as we have loaded the wordpress files, we take care of all aspects of site security. This is done before starting on any development or layout or any page design, css or html work.

Securing the site is critical. Your site will get bombarded by botnets trying to inject malware into the files and the database. A strong security plugin is required and care should be taken to configure it properly.

We take care to secure the website and ensure that the site uses ssl encryption (https). We want your customers to feel safe browsing your web site, and avoid bounce rates where ever we can. Also encryption is a ranking factor for search engines and should not be over looked.

Regular weekly checks on security issues are done on our routine maintenance. You don’t want your site getting blacklisted by digital security companies. These can negatively impact your ranking and slow down your traffic.

We also ensure your login page is well protected with two factor authentication. This is an absolute must as it prevents against brute force hacking and botnet attacks.

Website Backups

Nothing is 100% secure. So taking regular website backups of all the files and the database is important. If for some reason the website is destroyed, it is much easier to restore the site if you have the backup files.

Rebuilds often takes a long time and data is lost when doing so. So it’s always better to take a few extra moments and create a backup.

Featured Designs

Here we have our more recent designs that we have created. These sites are under constant development. When improvements are discovered in one area, we migrate those improvements across all sites that we maintain.

medicalert zimbabwe

Website Development

MedicAlert Foundation 

We have redesigned the entire MedicAlert Foundation website to give it a fresh new and modern look. The website was designed to be easy to navigate as well as intuitive to the visitor. We hope you like it.

Project Under Construction

Web Design


MacSelpore is a company offering various forms of computer tech support and sales. This website is under development and we're testing various forms of extra metrics. The results of the tests, if positive, will be used to improve our services to our other customers.

MacSelpore Home Page


Past Website Designs

If you would like to see some more recent work that we’ve done, please visit our portfolio page. As we continue with our web design, we’ll keep posting them so you can see the work that we do. We also do case studies and research from time to time and report our results as we go along. You can find this in our blog.

Past Websites

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