Whats up guys, today I was sitting having coffee with a bunch of my friends, some of whom are in business and others that are managers, and the topic came up about whether your social media page is more important than your website? The most obvious answer is that they’re both important, but as we delve deeper into the subject we going to see that there really is more to it than meets the eye at first. So I thought I would write a short blog on the topic and discuss the issue a little more in-depth. After some research on the topic, here are some of my thoughts…

So from my perspective I would argue that without a doubt, having your own online website is the more important of the two. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t establish your brand on at least some of your favorite social media sites, but we are discussing which is more important.

So according to my research experts would argue that not having a strong online website  for your business would be practically akin to financial suicide, and those two words put together in the same sentence is probably going to give me nightmares for weeks to come.

So back to the research, now despite the fact that I don’t live in the United States I found out that according to the National Public Radio (NPR), over 60% of all Americans have shopped online. Come to think of it, in the USA in 2017, there were 325.7 million people, so quick calculation and that’s 195.42 million people that made an online purchase and if they spent an average of $10.00 each, that’s a wopping 1.950 billion dollars. I wonder how much Amazon got out of that?

Do you see why I’m constantly telling you guys to get your business online? 

So as we see advances in technology it only stands to reason that as a global community, we’re going to spend more time transacting with reputable online companies. It only stands to reason, that it’s a pretty good idea to get some of the action, and if we go back to the original point of this blog, well, I’m not too sure that any of these social media sites are going to actually make that sale for you and send you a check for your trouble.

So in my opinion, the greater of the two sins, “social media page vs your own website”, would have to be having a social media presence without having your own website.

What I have found though, in many cases, is that business owners treat their website as an online brochure, and I think that’s why many of them would rather focus on their social media presence, instead of investing in what could actually be a fantastic asset.

A well designed, beautifully presented and professionally done website, optimized for SEO, well secured, and ready to communicate effectively with your audience really is unbeatable as your primary online asset, and depending on budget, you really could setup a website today for very low prices, it really doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg, however, just keep in mind that you going to get what you pay for. Any case, that’s an argument for another day.

So back to the coffee shop with my buddies and here are a few of the points that were discussed among our group that added to the topic, and these things we definitely agree on.



So one of the best things that you can do is portray a sense of professionalism is to have a well thought out and clean website. So to do this you need to have some clearly crafted content, some creative graphic design, decent images and proper display of all the services that you offer.

A well thought out and professionally presented website is going to create trust in your brand, first impressions are always key as you know, and attention to detail is going to serve you well in the future. Take care to include loading speeds, colour combinations, quality content and don’t forget to optimize your site to be responsive (in other words, your site should respond effectively to mobile phones and tablets as well).

Social Media Limits Control

Social Media Provides Limited Control Over Your Content

As great as Social Media sites may be it please just remember not to rely on these platforms as your entire marketing strategy, their policies can change when and as they please, and you just not going to have control of the features that these sites have to offer. Services can be discontinued, that may have been giving your business the edge over your competition and before you know it you won’t be doing so well on that platform.

On the contrary, you have full control over your own website, you decide which features to take advantage of and which ones no longer serve you. The only time you risk losing your website is if your hosting provider goes under, or if you forget to meet your annual bill. You could also sell it, but that’s another topic for another day.

So the point is that you have full control over your website, and that’s key to creating a strong brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Optimization

So SEO is going to help you get discovered through the search engines, such as Google and Bing. There are other search engines such as Yahoo and Yandex. Yandex is a Russian search engine, so if this is your target market, then definitely take the time to get listed with them.

Now with regards to social media sites, they may hold a lot of weight in terms of authority, and this is due to the amount of time us mortals spend on them (I spend way more time than I should on Youtube, by the way) they just not in the business of optimizing their site for your convenience. Your audience may follow your page but that doesn’t guarantee that they going to see all your content.

According to my research only about 6% of your followers are going to organically see your posts, and this applies mostly to facebook. My biggest complaint with them is that you spend all this time and money getting people to like your page, and liking your page in my opinion kind of means they would like to see your posts, you know? But if you would like the people who want to see your posts to actually get your posts, then pull out your credit card, because it not going to happen otherwise.

Anyway, let me not rant about it. That is after all their business model and it works for them.

So each of these platforms have their own algorithms which outputs your content to your audience in the manner that they see fit. However, keep in mind that with your own website, the content that you create, the products and services that you sell, all gets searched and displayed by the search engines, ranking you on different pages depending on the quality of your content and the interest generated by it.

So by default your website content is organically being presented throughout the globe, just by virtue of having a web presence. Organic searches, especially when ranking on the first page, is really what you aiming for and the point behind all the work that you have done on your website.


Your Website Gives You Room For Branding

You’re in business for the long haul, take some time to get your branding right. I have had my current brand for some time now, infact, I have owned my brand for about 17 years. This website that I have created is a new part of my business, so the branding is slightly different, although close enough to my original brand that it is easily recognizable by my current customers. I’ve been thinking about offering web design for a long time now and in 2017 I decided that I would bite the bullet and finally get this project going.

So like I said, you’re in it for the long term, invest in your branding. Find a way to distinguish your brand form your competition. A well planned, beautifully designed website is going to really have the power to develop your unique identity and eventually get your share of the market. Get a designer to come up with a really nice logo, customize your colours and establish your unique brand message. Spend some money on it, it really is worth it.

Use your branding and your colour scheme on a web design platform such as WordPress, which has some great features, get a great theme like Divi, which has a lot of drag and drop functionality, and you could create a really good looking website without any coding knowledge.

In conclusion…

There are just so many factors involved in creating a successful business, having a website really is one of the best decisions that you could make to help build your brand into something awesome.

Unlike some time ago, when the internet was just starting out, it really is important to spend some time getting a really attractive website. If you can, start developing your website whilst you’re in the planning stages before you launch your business. It does take roughly about 35 weeks for search engines to start displaying your content on search results, so this gives you the additional time that you need to launch the business.

It’s not unusual for a business to take off suddenly from a simple website, and yes there have been cases where millionaires have been created from doing this, not often in relation to the number of websites out there, but it has happened and often with very little upfront capital.

Now as we said before, a great website doesn’t do away for the need for social media marketing. Social media does offer perfect platforms for your networking and socializing efforts and you can certainly grow awareness and a customer base from these sites, but let them drive the traffic to your website where you can actually monetize the process.

Thanks very much guys for taking the time out to read through my articles. If I have been of help to you and you like my articles, please leave a comment down below and let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about. I do read all my messages and I will get back to you as soon as I can.