This is such a huge topic because there really are so many social media platforms out there and there is just no way that you will be able to keep up if you try to be everywhere. We’re in business, we’re trying to get exposure, we have our websites up and running, we are busy creating content and now it’s time to share the content and get some exposure.

After taking more time that I would wish to admit researching platform after platform, it really just boils down to where you likely to have a pretty good chance of finding the right audience for your brand and the products that you sell. So in my opinion for social media marketing in 2019 you need to be considering Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Does your business need to be on social media this year?

The obvious answer is yes, and it’s just plain common sense to make use of these platforms, which are there for that exact purpose. So if you are considering starting your own business or you’re in the process of developing your own website to market your business this year, then consider taking some time to put some thought into this.

Social media is crucial for brand exposure, it’s a good way to make returns on investment and it plays a key role in the general growth of a business. If you understand how important this is then you are already miles ahead of your competition.

Social media is such a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach out and capture market share simply because it is social, we like hanging out in places where we can interact with other people, and those people may end up being customers, or they could just spread the word through conversations they have with their friends and colleagues.

It really is easy to get on these platforms as you know, from free accounts to paid advertising it is the cheapest means of reaching masses without having to strain your expenditure. Indeed your start-up business needs to be on social media, if not then you are missing out on a lot of potential exposure. With millions of people accessing the internet on various social platforms, social media marketing is the channel that will help meet your business objectives in 2019.

Not all social media platforms are however created equal.

So like I said before there really isn’t enough time in the day to be everywhere at once and being active on social media platforms does not necessarily lead to success. My advice to you is to pick out the platforms that most likely will serve your needs best, give it some time and see if it works for you, if not move on. Over time you will get a good feel for how things are beginning to pan out. I believe strongly that the past is a good indicator of what we can expect in the future, so if you have had negative or unacceptable experiences, then try something else, and make sure that you have enough time to keep a steady flow of content on these platforms.

To help you save some time, I have created a short list of platforms that can help you get started, as obvious as they are, this would be the route that I would take if I was just starting out and I wanted to make the largest impact right from the get go.


So, what are the best social platforms for businesses in 2019?


The most obvious of the lot is Facebook, they just dominate the globe as a social media site and the numbers say it all. Facebook report that over 1.3 billion users are registered on their platform. I mean, you really ignore these kinds of numbers at your own peril.

Everyone I know has got a facebook account from my 76 year old mom to the 12 year old boy down the street. So literally everyone who may make up your target market is on Facebook, and leveraging this platform will be great for your results. A basic principal in business is that the greater the number of people in a certain area, the greater your chances of capturing upcoming opportunities simply as a result of being there.

Facebook is very easy to join and work with, you need to sign up a Facebook business page add your business information, your location and photos for people to easily identify your business. Once you have set the account look for content that will catch the attention of your followers. You can use this platform to communicate important business updates, advertise new products and services, the list is truly endless


With just a few years of use Instagram has rapidly gained prominence among online social media users. It is one of the fastest growing mobile applications commanding a powerful global presence. This is a visual platform where users upload personal pictures or videos. For business use, Instagram has given businesses an invaluable opportunity to build brand awareness in a different and unique way. With this platform, a you can create brand awareness by crafting your own story and displaying it on this platform. Using the Instagram platform, a business can exploit user-generated content to build a long-lasting relationship with its followers.


Twitter is a bit older and boasts over 330 million users worldwide. Just like any other social media platform you can post pictures, videos or any content as long as that does not violate their terms of use. It is however notoriously known for its feed of real-time updates what is commonly referred to as real-time tweeting.

It’s an excellent platform for creating awareness around a topic or building awareness for your brand using Twitter #hashtags to create or pass any information you want to your followers. Hashtags typically organize conversations around a word or phrase, by searching #hashtags you can learn what people are talking about then craft content that suite these conversations and draw their attention.


Although YouTube has a smaller following, its business reaches extend these limitations. You don’t need to sign up to become a YouTube user and as such YouTube has turned to be one of the largest search engine platforms. Unlike other platforms, YouTube is owned by Google and has access to Google advertising platforms. You can take advantage of this to run YouTube ads.

I will be straight with you, I love Youtube. There is just so much information, entertainment and news on Youtube and I admit readily that I have this addiction to it. So don’t be surprised if I dedicate an article specifically to this platform. I have considered so many times creating a channel of my own, and quite honestly it’s very likely to happen this year. Infact as I was writing this article I must have stopped at least 4 or 5 times to see how I could position my camera on the wall in front of me so that I could start playing around with the idea.


Another social media site that I recommend is pinterest, it’s actually one of my favorites. If your work has anything to do with creativity, then you have to take advantage of this platform. Just scrolling through their pins incites so much creative juices that half an hour later you will have a tonne of ideas to implement in your business. I really think this site is awesome.

Take loads of photos of the products that you create, blog about the products on your website and share it on this platform, you’ll soon have a following pinning your products to their pages. If they really like it then each time they go through their pages to refresh their memories, your product will be right there reminding them about your website and your brand, and that’s how social media can help you get ahead in 2019.

So in conclusion…

What is more? These is my selection of the top five social media platforms that can help you market and grow your business in 2019. There really are so many more social media sites and I will be writing more on these sites over the next couple of months. Just keep in mind that it is not about the platform but rather how you are going to manage and run your digital marketing campaign.

Social media can be erratic if not well handled, so being able to maintain some kind of regular schedule is really the key to your success.

Thanks very much guys for taking the time out to read through my articles. If I have been of help to you and you like my articles, please leave a comment down below and let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about. I do read all my messages and I will get back to you as soon as I can.