The old executive air website had been up for about 2 years before we decided it was time for a major overhaul. With the latest developments in web design, we felt it was good time to do this.

The old site was built using Joomla. But we decided to take advantage of the improvements we found with WordPress. Elegant Themes has been working on the Divi theme and so that was an added bonus.

We also wanted to track our results, so that this project would be more than just another website. Mostly we wanted to give our customer a return on investment.

Hi there,

Vitor M here… and in this article I would like to talk about the first phase in the development of the Executive Air Website.

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So let’s get started with a bit of history on the Executive Air Website and then we’ll move onto what we have done so far. We’ll also discuss the goals we’d like to achieve and what we have done to put it all together.

So let’s get started…

Quick History of Executive Air Website

We started doing computer support for Executive Air back in 2017. So soon after that we were given a chance to take over their website.

Their initial site had been built on wordpress, but the site kept getting hacked. This was quite frustrating and since we had experience with Joomla, we chose to go that route.

We used a fresh new design layout, but the copy was taken directly from the old site and basically used as is. Now, I know that doesn’t say much for us, but there was some method behind this.

We decided that this was great opportunity to focus on the website security. Since the website was getting hacked about once a week, it sounded like a good starting point.

Ironically, we decided to move the site to, in America. This wasn’t the best idea because the frequency of attacks in the States is enormous. But turns out that ended up being a good thing as that decision gave us a run for our money. It was hectic.

So our focus was on Website Security and Website Maintenance. Initially the site was successfully hacked (quite a few times). But this forced us to really focus and fulfill this criteria.

Eventually, we managed to secure the site and despite the massive number of attacks, it was secure.

If you want an idea of the volume of hacking attacks on the US digital server, then check out the link below.

By September 2018, we managed to achieve a decent milestone in security. Website maintenance was also under going well. But there were also a few issues that needed attention.

These included the carousel being flagged and the site not being mobile friendly. By this time google had made strides towards ranking sites by their ability to cater for mobile. By mobile, we mean mobile phones and not tablets.

So now we were getting to a point where a decision had to be made. Yes the site was secure, but that was no longer enough. We had to make the site attractive, focus on mobile responsiveness and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We had to turn the website into an Asset.

Executive air website gets a redesign

So now it was time to take Executive Air Website to a whole new level. Through testing we found that wordpress was better at displaying content in a mobile friendly manner. The irony!

We recreated the website using WordPress and we used the Divi Theme. Divi really lent itself well for the overall look and feel of the site. It was a worthwhile investment, outperforming any templates we had used in the past.

By January 2019, we finally presented the new website to the Executive Air Team for approval. Thankfully, they were happy with the re-design.

We also took the time to explain what we had set out to accomplish.  Recreating the website was just the beginning and here’s what we intend to achieve in the long term.

Goals for the new Executive Air Website

  • To improve the overall design of the website to be pleasing to the eye. 

  • To layout the website with multiple opportunities to contact the Executive Air Team. Achieved through contact forms and telephone and mobile numbers. 

  • To make it as easy as possible for customers to access the information that they want. 

  • Detailed contact forms which provided the relevant information for quotations. 

  • To showcase the Executive Air Products and Services in an easy and intuitive manner. 

  • To create rich content on each page and target a wider range of relevant keywords for search engine ranking. 

  • To create content that targets both local and international customers. 

  • To improve domain authority and be the industry leader with relevant information. 

  • To increase awareness of their lesser known services.

  • To create a digital online asset, or to create a new revenue stream through the website itself.

Quite a tall order, but it is definitely achievable. These are normal goals that would be expected in any first world country. If you consider the investment a company makes to create an online presence, the above goals make sense.

Uploading the new Executive Air Website.

By Mid February, we went ahead and uploaded the new website. We had to be careful not to disrupt and month end sales they may have received.

The upload went smoothly since the bulk of the website had already been completed. Images were resized and optimized for load speeds. Here were the initial results.


 Not impressive at all.

But there were other things that needed to be done as quickly as possible. Having experienced the past attacks on the site, the focus shifted to website security. We chose a very good security plugin and made sure that every detail was taken care of.

The security made use of multi-factor authentications including google recaptcha, and a mobile app. Well worth the extra effort to login to the site. It also protects the website itself as well as the database used to create it.

We also took care to make sure the website used ssl encryption through the https tag. This ensures that all traffic between the website and the customer is secure.

It is very important to Google that your website is safe for your customers and so encryption has become a ranking factor as well.

Request Form

We created about three different contact forms. This allows customers to fill out the form that they need to use to communicate with the Executive Air Team. So the group that may need to charter aircraft services will have a form that caters to their needs. General enquiries has its own form and aspiring pilots have their own form as well. 

Next Phase of the Project

Once each page has received fresh new content, we will begin optimizing the page and working towards improving page speed for personal computers and mobile devices, whilst also making sure that each page displays properly and responsively for the different device types.

We’ve finally got to the end of the first phase of our goal – turning their website into an asset. As we go along we’ll create new posts as we continue to develop their website and report the results as we continue.

So why do a case study?

There are many reasons why we should want to do a case study on the websites that we design.

The biggest reason is to push the envelope as far as we can towards developing a digital asset. One that benefits the customer by attracting more business for them.

We’re also hoping to show you as our readers that websites can be much more than an online brochure. It can be one of the best investments that we can make and really should be.

We hope you have enjoyed the first part of this case study and we hope you come and join us for part 2.

By the way, if you like what you see and you think that you would like us to take care of your website for you, please feel free to call on 0782 004 522. We would be happy to help you.