Passive Income is a great way to make residual income. The idea is to work pretty hard in the beginning to build a site and turn it into an online business. The goal is to start small and work towards earning about $1,000 to $2,000 per month.

Done properly, a little online business can reward you for years to come. But it’s not so easy as it sounds, you going to have to put in a lot of effort before you can expect to earn some money from it. However you look at it making money will always require a lot of work on your part. So don’t give up your day job just yet.

The good news is that unlike the money market, you only need to invest in what you need to for the site. You’re not running a massive risk and with a bit of hard work you’ll eventually earn an income.

Hi there,  today I want to discuss with you some passive income strategies.

What is Passive Income

What is Passive Income?

According to Wikipedia. Passive income is earning an regular income with little or no work on your part to maintain it.

So in our discussion we mean creating an online business.  Then setting it up in such a way that it is fully automated. Then earning an income from it later without having to put in much work to maintain it.

Passive Income Investments

One of the easiest ways is to buy passive income ready websites that are already earning a little residual income on a per month basis. You can find sites like this on ebay.

If you’re a beginner passive income sites like this are your easiest way to invest in this business. Since they’re already fully automated, your work load will be minimal as well.

Compare this with having to build a site from scratch, finding new products and coming up with new ideas. You could be better off investing in a ready made online business.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you hardly had any work to do, and you still able to earn the same money? Well nothing more passive than that!

Passive Income Opportunities

Passive income is almost always associated with real estate income or property investing. But not all of us have the money to go out and buy property. So we need to come us with some new ideas. Something a little closer to our income level. An Online business makes the cut. So let’s build on this idea.

To be clear, this is not a “get rich quick” thing. You must be prepared to put in a lot of effort before you can expect to make some money. We all know that there is no such thing as easy money in any case, so I just wanted to make that clear. The goal is to build a real online business that allows us to earn a monthly income for many years to come.

So here are best real passive income ideas 2020 has to offer.

Money Market

Invest in the Money Market

You can invest in the money market by through mutual funds, treasury bills or by opening a money market account with your bank. These investments are considered safe and is an easy way to make some residual income.

You can expect your money market account to pay your interest either on a per month basis or quarterly. Which is great because you can begin compounding your interest fairly early in the game.

The best money market accounts will earn you as much as 2.35% per year. But first check the minimal balance you’ll have to invest and also take note that you might not be able to draw as you please.

BMO Harris

Your minimum investment is $5,000 and you’ll earn 2.35% APY. A decent return from this account that won’t leave you stranded.


An investment of $10,000 minimum and earnings of 2.15% APY to add to your passive income.

UFB Direct

A Wopping $25,000 will earn you 2.15% APY on your money. Check your account first and make sure you can do without this money.

Sallie Mae

Will earn you 2% APY on your investment with no minimum balance.

State Farm Bank

Again you’ll earn a nice 2% APY with no minimum to add to your income.


Invest a minimum of $500 and you’ll get a nice 2% APY to add towards your income.

Although these are generally safe accounts, they are not insured by FDIC or NCUA. Also note that these accounts are not designed for paying your monthly bills.

New clients should keep a close eye on the account. Watch how many withdrawals you make. Check out the per month fees before investing and also watch the taxes you’ll pay.

Stock Market

Investing in the Stock Market

As with the money market, the stock market requires that you invest a minimum amount of money to get started. For example the Vanguard S&P 500 Index requires at least $3,000.

You can do your own investing online, but keep in mind that you are not going to get guidance, so you’re pretty much on your own. You’ll also get charged a certain fee every time you make a transaction.

The stock market is all about investing in business shares. If you develop a good strategy and do your research before you invest, then over all this will be a great way to make passive income. As long as your overall portfolio is doing well, you’ll earn some real money.

Here are some of the best business shares you’ll find

General Electric (GE)

One of the best shares to invest in if you’re looking for decent long term earnings for your passive income portfolio.

Walt Disney (DIS)

Who doesn’t love this business? Everyone loves their characters and their video products are among the best in the world. As a media business it makes it’s money through its characters and franchises. Movies, home video, merchandising, parks, resorts and musicals make up their portfolio.

Facebook (FB)

What’s not to like about this business? It is the leading Social Media Business on the globe today. Facebook dominates the world of digital marketing ads (along with Google). They have other assets such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Oculus. This strong portfolio making it one of the best business shares to own for the future.

American Express (AXP)

American Express is in the business of global charge and credit card payments. American Express offers a 1.6% dividend, they’re one of best in paying out dividends (money) to it’s shareholders.

Wal Mart (WMT)

Wal-Mart is in the business of retail and wholesale discount stores. Their brands include Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. It’s one of the more steady performers with a global presence and is now a major investor in e-commerce.

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A + BRK.B)

Run by the best investor and entrepreneur on the globe, Warren Buffett. This really says it all. They take advantage of market crashes to pick up new companies on the cheap. They themselves are insulated from disasters by investing in high cash flow businesses. Warren Buffett does all the work which means you’re sitting on a safe money making machine.

Johnson & Johnson (JNI)

This is a great option for the more conservative investor to add to their passive income portfolio. Their investments include consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. They offer a 2.6% dividend to their shareholders which is good money for no work on your part.

Cisco Systems (CSCO)

Here’s another business to look out for. Cisco is a Networking Technology Giant and a solid stock option for investors. Cisco’s products are responsible for powering up the internet, making a safe bet for your money.

Decide how you want in invest in stocks, as you need to have a solid strategy to grow your money. Open an online investment account, set you budget and start investing. Then leave it up to the entrepreneurs running the companies to grow your investment. But remember stocks are volatile, so keep a watchful eye on them.

Real Estate Investment Funds

Real Estate Investment Fund (REIT)

These investment funds allow you to get involved in real estate without actually owning any property. The benefits that come with this kind of passive income investing are as follows;

  • Diversification of real estate properties
  • Income (Passive) from dividends
  • Inflationary hedging
  • No  responsibility of owning the property
  • No responsibility in managing the property

These funds trade in a similar way to stocks and offer you an entry point into multiple real estate sectors through a single account.

Here’s a brief overview into some of these funds that you can buy into to build up your portfolio to earn you a bit of extra income.

Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ)

Vanguard are well known for their excellent real estate investing strategies. Part of it’s largest positions are in a sub-sector of tower REITs. These include the cell towers for the mobile phone industry. This is a higher risk choice with a potential for greater returns.

iShares Global REIT ETE (REET)

REET is in the business of domestic real estate holdings in developed as well as emerging markets, but mainly in the US. Outside the US, they’re involved in the U.K., Australia, Japan and France.

Invesco China Real Estate ETF (TAO)

Invesco has a strong market dividend yield of 6.79%. They appear to have a very solid and bright future ahead and this could be one to keep an eye on for your portfolio.

Fidelity MSCI Real Estate Index ETF (FREL)

Fidelity is a US focussed REIT. They currently hold interests in over 174 holdings. Their interests include;

  • Data centers
  • Public storage facilities
  • Wireless tower companies
  • Assisted living facilities

It’s one of the best and low cost ETFs to buy on the market. It’s great for investors looking for a passive strategy with domestic equity  concentration.

Global X Funds Super Dividend REIT ETF (SRET)

Global X invests in 30 of the highest dividend yeild REITs through out the globe. Their focus is more towards the mortgage REITs. Something you should note is their return on equity is around 10.6% making it a very attractive investment.

Granite Shares HIPS US High Income ETF (HIPS)

This fund invests in a wide array of pass-through securities. These include the following;

  • REITs
  • master limited partnerships
  • business development companies
  • debt based closed end funds

Granite Shares has a 4 star Morningstar rating. It is rated as a high risk, high reward ETF. So for those of you who like investing in a business with a little risk and high income yield, here’s one for you.

Van Eck Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETF (MORT)

This fund invests exclusively on US Mortgage REITs. Making it more sensitive to interest rate fluctuations or regulatory shifts. This REIT is a bit more pricey in comparison to others but enjoy pretty good returns on investment.

Blogging for Passive Income

Blogging for Passive Income

Everyone is good at something or another and many people have hobbies other than what they do for a living. If you’re fortunate you’ll end up earning a living from your hobbies. So why not build a blog and start educating people on things that matter to you.

Blogging is not as difficult as you might think. If you have a passion, then generally you’ll have a wealth of information around that topic. Consider all the different conversations you’ve had with your friends about this topic. Notice that you got excited and you had a lot to say and often you could prove your point.

All you’re doing when you’re starting a blog is creating your stories and submitting you knowledge in written form. Every conversation you had with your friends is a potential blog post. So why not?

We have so many topics to blog about. There are only two things you need to think about. What do you want to blog about, which topic of interest are you passionate about? And is there an audience that is willing to listen (or read) and engage in your blog.

Earning a living from your blog may be a little more tricky. But we’ll talk about turning your blog into a business and making money with it shortly.

What’s important to keep in mind is this. The work is in writing the article and uploading it onto your website. Once that’s done it is passive income waiting to happen.

Reasons Why Blogs Fail

Main Reasons why Blogs Fail

The first reason is simply that bloggers get frustrated and give up. They fail to realize that there is more to blogging than just writing on topics they love. Making a living from blogging takes time and requires other skills to gain traction.

The other main reason why a blog may fail is simply a lack of marketing. Once your article is uploaded you need to share it with as many people as possible. That means you need to use Social Media, Email Marketing and even SEO to succeed.

How much can a blogger earn?

If you’re looking to work as a full time blogger, surveys show that you can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 a month.

But don’t expect to get that right away. It takes a lot of work and quite some time to build up to those levels. But if you’re persistent you can definitely make some good money this way.

How do Bloggers make Money

How does a blogger make money?

Once your website has enough posts on it, you need to focus on attracting an audience to your site. You can use Social Media, search engine optimization (seo) and guest writing to attract visitors. Once you have gained massive amounts of traffic, you can begin to earn passive income.

It may seem a little complicated to get this type of website up and running. It really isn’t and there are loads of resources out there that can help you get started. The real trick is to make the decision and take the first step. You really have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

One of the more common ways of monetizing the site is using Adsense. This is where you create an account with Adsense and then allow them to place ads on your site. Adsense is a type of pay per click system. This means you only earn money when someone clicks on an advert.

In order to increase the number of clicks on these ads, you need to really get your traffic numbers up. You also need to write some very good content for your audience.

Just a quick note here:

You need to do some pretty good keyword research around the topics that you want to write about. Also note at the bottom of the serps, what other people are searching for. Finally also look into similar keywords that are used in combination with your main word.

Affliate Sites

Affiliate Sites

Another method of making money with blogs is with affiliate links. Amazon is one of the best sites to offer commissions on sales through affiliate accounts.

You would create pages reviewing or comparing different products with links to those products on amazon.

You audience, if happy with your reviews could be tempted to make a purchase on amazon. If that happens you make a little passive income. Multiply that by a couple of thousand visitors and you’ll soon have quite a bit of money.

So it pays to be a little creative and to put in the hard work to develop high quality product reviews. Also if your audience develops some trust in your site, they may come back several times for more advise.

Digital Products

Promote Your Own Digital Products

Generally, digital products include ebooks, software, photos, videos and online courses.


Your blog will likely be based on a certain topic. Eventually you’ll have enough knowledge to write your own book on the subject. Amazon is a great place to sell ebooks, but you can also promote your book on your blog, especially if it’s on topic.  Linking your ebook page to the book on amazon is a good strategy to make additional sales.


If you’re a savvy programmer and you’ve created a product that is useful then you’re likely to create a business around it. In this case your entire website will be based on the product. You can still create a blog discussing the different things around what the product is designed to do.

Software sales is a massive industry and if your product proves to be quite useful then you’re in business. Get your pages optimized for SEO, promote the product wherever your customers may be and make your money.

Digital Video

This is a very popular media. Youtube is the name of the game here. Video is a great way to discuss a topic and attract massive amounts of traffic to your website.

You then write a blog on the same topic as the video and embed the video on the page. People who see the video on Youtube begin to develop loyalty and trust towards you.

Eventually they want to know more and will visit your site. These visitors are potential customers and are willing to purchase without much convincing.

Digital Photos

If you’re a good photographer you can always make some income by selling your photos on your site. There are also other websites that will be happy to sell your photos on your behalf.

There is a huge demand for digital photos and people are willing to either pay for the use of the photos or pay a membership fee to get access.

Online Courses

This topic has begun to gain a lot of traction. If you’re an expert in something or another, you have a great opportunity waiting for you.

You can create a series of videos teaching people your skill or your knowledge. You then have two options.

You have the option of creating an account on udemy and similar platforms. On sites like udemy your course will be exposed to millions of people who are already using this platform. Every time someone sighs up to take your course, you’ll get paid.

The other option is to build your own website, upload your videos to vimeo. You’ll need to get you’re own paid for account with them. Then you can embed your entire course on your website. You can either charge a flat fee for the entire course or you can charge a membership fee.

Popular Blogging Topics

So what are the popular topics you can write about?

It’s always better to create a site around a particular niche. It’s quite tempting to write about several topics on the same site because of the costs of web hosting. But I would caution you to not follow that route. You’re better off sticking to a single niche per website.

Here’s a short list of 50 topics you can write about.

  • Health and Fitness
  • Self Improvement
  • Learning a language
  • Travelling on a budget
  • Local Travel Guide
  • Food and Restaurant reviews
  • Animal rescue and treatment
  • Writing and Communication skills
  • Blogging as a business
  • Self defense
  • Food and recipies
  • Food for children
  • Food for Pets
  • Relationship Guides
  • Parenting
  • Cyber and Social Bullying
  • Sports like Golf or Triathlons
  • Certifications or specializations
  • Vegetable or Fruit Gardening
  • Landscaping and Gardening
  • Paranormal
  • Brewing beers
  • Wine Making
  • Wine Tasting and Origins of certain wines
  • Online Gaming
  • Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Webdesign for non-techies
  • Self  Employment
  • Goal setting and achievements
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Building and Construction
  • Hobbies
  • Keeping Pets
  • Farming
  • Auto Industry
  • Fixing Cars
  • Outdoor Living
  • Camping and Safaris
  • Niche Photography
  • Public Speaking
  • Musical Instruments
  • Music Industry
  • Home Repairs
  • Fashion Industry
  • Movies and Film Industry
  • DIY
  • Small Business
Design and Sell T Shirts

Design and Sell T-Shirts

Another common way to make money online is with sites that offer a product like t-shirts. This time with a little twist. If you’re a good designer and you’re into fashion, why not create your own designs for t-shirts.

So what you do is you create the designs that you want for different size and colour t-shirts. You brand them and you upload the designs onto your website.

Then you partner with screen printing companies that can produce and ship the t-shirts on your behalf. Everytime someone purchases a t-shirt from your site, you place an order with the screen printing company. They purchase and print your t-shirt for you and then ship it out to your customer.

They get paid, you get the profits and the customer get’s his shirt. Win – win all the way to the bank.

Selling Products

Selling products on amazon and e-bay

This is different to being an affiliate on amazon or other affiliate sites. In this case your looking for products that you can have manufactured, branded and shipped to your doorstep. You then market these products on Amazon and e-bay and let these companies sell the products for you.

Generally people look to china for products they think will sell in their own countries. They then communicate with the manufacturer of that product and discuss a deal. The manufacturer will then produce a sample, brand it and ship it over to you.

If you’re happy with the product, you place a fairly decent order with them. If not, they make the changes that you want and re-ship a sample to you. The more quantities you order the cheaper the product will be per unit.

They risk here is that the product needs to be tested to see if there is demand. If you place the product on amazon and e-bay and you start making sales, then it’s a good sign to purchase more. However, just keep a tab on how well the product is doing over a period of three months or so before you start placing massive orders.

Making Money Online

The truth about making an income online

Now what I have given you is by no means exhaustive. There are many other ways that you can make passive income on the internet. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be so difficult but you do need to put in the time.

Like any other business a good strategy and a lot planning is the first major hurdle to get over. You have the entire globe as competition and they all trying to get their share of the market.

The good news is that despite all that, it is a global market. You see if you can tap into a market of 10,000 people and 5% of them buy from you each month, thats 500 people.

Now depending on whether you’re selling your own products or affiliate products through amazon or the like. The you need to decide how many people you need to buy products in order for you to make a living.

Making Passive Sales

Naturally the more sales you make the better it will be for you. But keep in mind also that businesses build up over time. So if you reach the 500 sales mark, then your next goal may be to reach 750 sales. And so on.

On the other hand, if you’re producing high quality content on your site based on a niche, then your concerns are around traffic. In this case you’d want to go from 10,000 visitors per month to 20,000 and so on.

Marketing Your Blog

The more eyes you get on your blog, the higher the chance they’ll click an adsense link, or a link to a product that they will buy. The benefit of a blog is that apart from updating your content, the whole business will be passive on your part.

Building out more pages with good content will give you more opportunities to attract more visitors, and so on. You’ll find that there will be peaks of activity on your part, and then periods where you don’t do a thing at all.

The Middle Ground

Blogging and making a living from these sources isn’t for everyone. Many people may prefer to follow the traditional route of going to college and getting a degree. If this life seems daunting to you then take the traditional route. It is safer in the long run and it comes with benefits.

Some will prefer the traditional route with a little extra on the side. That’s a good strategy, but remember that you still need to put in the work before you can see any additional benefits coming your way. Like the traditional jobs, it’s not easy but with time you develop the necessary skills that makes it easier.

So if you have been searching for alternatives, then I hope you’ll find this article helpful. I hope that you get some value from this post and if at all, I hope you have success if you choose to go ahead. Remember, everything in life that is worth something requires work to make it happen. That’s the keyword. Work now and enjoy the benefits later.

The Blogging Journey
So Let’s Recap…

We’ve discussed trading on the stock market and the REIT market. We’ve spoken about the money market and real estate. Blogging, selling your own products and selling other peoples products under your own brand. We mentioned T-Shirts, and digital media including video, photo, ebooks, online courses and software. I also gave you a list of ideas around niche blogs.

We’ve discussed the advantage of creating your own website around your niche topic. We spoke about how to monetize the site with adsense and affiliate links. We touch on marketing a little although that’s not really the topic of todays blog.

Well I’ve tried to cover as much as I can. I hope that you got some value out of this article.

If you dream of becoming a blogger then my advice is to go for it. At first your skills may not be so great but with time and practice you do get better. You can always re-write your articles later on when you skills improve. The important thing is to just get started and keep at it, you will find success. Hey, you might even become famous, who knows?

Thanks very much for taking the time to read through this post. If I have helped you in any way, please can I ask you to mention this blog post in one of your articles. I’d really appreciate the mention.

If you like what you see and you think to yourself that you’d like me to create an article for your site or you’re looking for a web designer. Please feel free to contact me on 0782 004 522 and lets set up a meeting. I also do website and content auditing and SEO as well.

Have a great week and stay safe

Vitor M