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Content Marketing or content development is great strategy to promote your business. Done properly, it can set you up as an authority in your industry and builds trust with your audience.

The higher the quality of the content and the more useful it is, the more time your audience will spend on your site. This in turn signals to search engines that your content is relevant and that helps build your page rank. Also keep in mind that this leads to higher ranking with search engines and that brings in more traffic to your site.

Content Marketing in combination with attractive design and the sue of social media is a great way to attract new customers. This combination will give you some great results.

The real questions are…

  • Why is Content Important?
  • How much time should we put into our content marketing strategy?
  • And when can we expect this digital marketing process to deliver some traffic to the website ?

but first let’s answer the question of what it content marketing actually is.

Content Creation

What is Content Creation?

This is the process of creating articles and video around a particular subject related to your industry. The purpose of content development is to educate or entertain your audience.

This content is then uploaded either to your social media account or directly onto your website. If you’re doing video production, then you’d want to upload your video onto youtube first, and then embed it onto your web page.

Once your blog page has been created, you would want to share your post on all your social media accounts with a link back to your page. That way any one interested in the topic would click the link and navigate to your web page to read the content.

Content Marketing

The benefits of Content Marketing

This strategy is called inbound marketing. If your content developers have done a good job, it then leads your audience to navigate other parts of your website. If your audience likes what it sees and develops a bond with your business, then you’ll end up with new clients.

So basically all digital media can be used as part of your content marketing strategy. All content especially high quality educational and entertaining content promotes your services. This in turn leads to more business and sets you up as an authority.

This answers the question – why is content marketing important for your business.

Stages of Content Development

Stages of Content Development

As with everything else we also need to have a content marketing strategy. Content development is not easy so here some things that I recommend you do to increase your chances of success.

Keyword Research

With out a doubt, keyword research is the most import stage to plan. Every industry has its very own use of related words and phrases that you use practically every day.

Write down these words and phrases and then enter each keyword and key phrase into google’s search one by one. Notice how many posts have been created on the topic. Scroll down to the bottom of the serp and notice the keywords that google offers around the topic. These are queries that people have made on google and can add interest to your article.

Also if you really want to make an impact, your best bet is to get a report on the keyword. Many sites offer them and we do also. You can order your report from us and we’ll give you additional detailed information on how to rank for that keyword.

Content Development Audit Reports

These reports improve the sites potential of ranking well. But keep in mind that your content developer has to do a good job as well. In other words, he has to use the information the he receives and has to create high quality content with pleasing design.

Yes, you design also counts, because that affects your audience. A well designed page will make easy reading for your visitors and that lessens the chance of them bouncing.

Because of the amount of competition in every field, content development audit reports give you a high chance of ranking well in serps.

Writing for Your Audience

This is equally important as part of your content creation process flow. At the end of the day it is your visitors and not the search engines that become clients. So you want to write content that easy to read and that is interesting.

Again remember that your on page design must compliment your content. Also remember to have several interesting articles around different topics as part of your plan.

This is considered content marketing optimization. Where you create pages around several categories on your blog about the services that you offer. Doing this improves the performance and strengthens your blog.

Plan Your Uploads

One piece of advice I can give you around this topic is scheduling your uploads. Sometimes when upload content onto our web, it can cause the site to go down or even break the site. This doesn’t always happen, but as humans we make mistakes.

You don’t want to upload during a busy time when users are actively browsing your website. So please try and schedule a time when you can troubleshoot in case something goes wrong.

Paying for an Ad

All Social Media platforms allow you to create an ad strategy provided of course that you have a credit card. This is the fastest way to generate a buzz around your business as long as you’re willing to foot the bill.

Google Adsense also allows you take out an ad to promote your business and is usually far more effective that Social Media Sites. As long as you’re driving traffic to your website, it’s all a part of a good marketing strategy.

This requires it’s own set of skills as you’re now playing with your own money.

Why use Content Marketing

Why use Content Marketing?

The short answer is that content marketing is a very efficient way to attract people to your website and get brand exposure. The more exposure you have to your audience the higher the likelihood of converting them into clients.

Other Article Writing Issues

Other Things to Consider

Throughout your content development strategy try to use your own photos as much as possible but failing that using stock photos is also a good option. Avoid using photos that belongs to other websites as chances are they may have rights to the photo.

Photos help break up the article into more manageable chunks and makes for an easier read.

How long should an article be?

Quality is always better than quantity, but you’ll find that the more thorough the post the better.

It’s not uncommon to find a post that has over 3000 or 4000 words in length. Generally upwards of 1500 words is good, but you’ll have to watch your competition. If a competing article is longer, then more effort will be needed in order to outrank that page.


How many blog posts should we aim for?

There are many theories on how many blog posts you should write for your website. I’ve come to the conclusion that you should write as many as you need to attract your audience.

Generally, I would suggest that you do what you can to upload at least 30 posts. This many blog posts will give your audience a sense of your authority and will begin to develop trust in your business.


Professionals claim to write at least 30 articles in the first three months.

Believe it or not, some of the guys that do content development for a living will really dig in and put out as many as 30 blog posts within the first three months.

They most likely do this to create a sense of a well structured website. 30 posts also gives them the opportunity to rank for several keywords. They then taper off into about a single blog post a week. During this phase they spend most of their time cleaning up the site for their visitors.

Since these are professionals in content development, it makes sense that they would produce so much content. As they end up monetizing their site a little later on.


So quick recap…

Writing content for your website does pay off and it’s a great strategy to attract new customers to your site.

Focus on helping your audience with content around a product or service, or solving a problem that they may have.

Keep the content relevant to your website.

Use some interesting photos. Take the photo yourself, but stock photos can do as well. Tweak them if you can.

Aim to create at least 30+ articles in the short run. Then 1 to 3 articles every week over the course of a year. Try to have at least 1500+ words and break up the content with some relevant subtitles.

Finally remember that being consistent with your content over a period of time will pay off.

Click on link for more information from wikipedia on content development.

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