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Website Design

Website design and web design are two related words that we use to describe the work that we do. Basically we build websites. The difference is that we want to build you a website that is a Marketing Asset for your business.

What is meant by Web design?

Web design is a term we use when we’re describing the process of designing and developing a website. There are several different aspects in the development of a website. This includes page layout, graphic design, content creation, and SEO.

Website Development requires both creativity and technical expertise. On the creative side, we want to build websites that are attractive and well laid out. We also want to develop helpful and educational content that maintains visitor engagement.

On the technical side, our goal is to build safe websites that are secure from outside threats. At the same time offer security to your online visitors. We build web pages that are fully optimized for SEO so that every page can rank with search engines like Google.  The purpose of each page is to attract new visitors to your website and build brand equity.

Webdesign Harare

The Importance Of Website Design Harare

As a Business in Zimbabwe there are many things you need to consider about your online marketing. Building an online presence is far more than just creating a basic website for your business.

The design of your website is a very important to your business. Both the offline and online design should be easily identifiable and also reflect your branding. Your website can make a difference on how your audience views your business. The initial impression can lead to either gaining or losing new customers.

We can then conclude that your website design needs to be pleasing to have a better conversion rate. When we say conversion, we mean people who have a good impression of your business and choose to buy from you.

Also consider that the same applies to your audience on your competitors’ sites. Remember that visitors to your site are likely to be researching products that you all carry.

To most companies, web design is an after thought. They’ll get a web designer to create an online brochure with little substance to it. This can be an advantage to your company. A well designed website with quality content and search engine optimisation will draw in local harare traffic. This can give you an edge over your competitors.

Website Secret Asset

Your Website Can Be Your Secret Asset

Building a high quality website is a good investment whichever way you look at it. All companies need to have online marketing strategies especially in difficult times.

Once your website is online, it is like a replica of you talking to your audience. Only your website never has a bad day and never has anything else to do but to speak to your visitors on your behalf.

To make the most of your investment in your business website, here are a few key points in the design to keep in mind.

1. Visual Design and Content

Images, graphic design and fonts make up part of the visual design. All these aspects need to fit together and work with your content to deliver the message to visitors. When it all works together your readers will remember your branding and your message.

Content needs to be precise and each page should have it own topic. The layout needs to be neat with relevant images to break up the content. You need to consider reading ease so that your visitors can understand your message. You don’t want your visitor to get lost in the message or distracted and move on to something else.

2. Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

Here’s something most web designers wont tell you. Google and other search engines don’t understand images, they understand words and topics. It is vital that each page has it’s topic keyword and other related words on the page.

Also for your page to compete, you need to have the correct amount of words in your content. Google does not rank thin content. Thin content is when there is less than 300 words on a page. To please remember you need to have the right amount of words in your content and the proper use of keywords.

3. Easy Navigation

The more pages you create the better it will be for your online marketing. Each page will allow you to compete for several keywords and Google loves content.

However, with many pages comes the need to have good navigation. We mustn’t assume that the visitors will be able to find key pages. We need to make it easy for them and create several ways for them to reach important pages.

4. Building a Strong Brand

Your business brand is the most important thing to consider. It sets you apart from your competition. Your website design, the content, the layout and your SEO will set you apart.

Nothing is more important for your company than to portray an image of authority in the eyes of your market. You can achieve this through a high quality blog that is helpful and educational.

Whether it is your products or your services, you can create content around that topic. This will help set you up as an authority in your industry.

When someone needs information, they’ll come to your website to get it. This works for international traffic as well. So if you’re an exporter then all the more reason why you should consider these issues. The best way to attract foreign business is with great content, clean design and excellent SEO.

5. Engaging with Your Audience

Having the best web design, a good layout and high quality content is not enough for our Zimbabwe Web. You also need to consider how you can create engagement with your audience in Zimbabwe.

We often create opportunities on social media sites to engage with our customers. However, what if you could generate traffic from Google? Have you considered that visitors coming in from Google are more likely to buy from you?

You can make use of your website to provide information but also to allow your visitors to engage with you. To ask questions about your products and services. When your visitors engage with your website, it’s a perfect opportunity to engage with them. Your response could even convert them into customers.

Website contracts

Our Web Development Process

We’d like to outline our web development process as a guide for those who may be interesting in working with us. To clarify this point, here’s what we mean by a web development process.

A Web development process is an outline of the steps we take in order to complete a typical web design project. This process helps us speed up the project as well as defining each party’s role in the development of the site.

1. The Planning Stage

As we all know the planning stage of any project is the key to improving the chances of success. Your website needs to be mapped out with suitable keywords, content and images.

This stage is critical that both You and I come together and agree on a strategy for the best outcome. Since you are an expert in your industry, you’ll know what services and products are most important to your business.

Website Requirements Analysis

During the initial stages you may have other websites that you’d like us research. These can also include competitors websites that will give us an idea of what you’d like to create. During this stage we want to do as much research as possible before formulating a strategy.

We’ll also be analyzing your competitors’ websites to get a better idea of how the industry works. This allows us to also make suggestions that may enhance your own site and give you an edge over your competitors.

Creating a Site Structure

A site structure is like a map of the website and will guide the development of the site to completion. With the site structure we’ll have a clear idea how we will layout the pages and which keywords to target.

Determining software and media resources

At this stage, we’ll be looking at the right software that we’ll need to secure the site from outside threats. Also the software we’ll need in order to have the website perform the required functions. These may also include social media sharing and also commenting plugins. We’ll also look at whether images and video will provided by you or purchased from stock photo websites.

Contracts, Copyrights and Finances

The web design contract is a document that includes terms that will protect both parties. Included in the contract are the payment terms, project closure and termination clauses. Also copyright ownership, timelines as well as post completion management.

Content Stage

2. The Content Stage

Before we take on the design of the website, we need to build out the content for each page. This can either be done by you and your team or you can ask us to do this for you.

Each Page has it’s Own Topic

Building a website is almost like writing a book.  The main page will most likely be an overview of the entire site. Each page after that needs to focus preferably on a single topic.

If you choose to maintain a blog on the site, then these posts will preferably be related to the main topics of the site. Each blog post will add strength to the main pages and boost their Page Authority.

The main pages in turn will boost the page authority of the home page. We do this this to give Google a very clear idea of what the website is about and what products and services are on offer.

Keywords and Key phrases

Most companies in Harare only support their local market. Here we need to be create pages targeting both the keyword and the area that the company is serving. 

You may have noticed we have placed certain keywords and phrases referring to Harare or Zimbabwe. We’re telling Google what and where we’d like to rank for this particular page. it’s a little deeper than that but then we create interesting content around the topic. Well we try anyway.

For international traffic it works in the same way. But far more research needs to go into each page in order for it to rank well in the serps.

Content For The About Us Page

Creating content for the about us page is second in importance only to the websites home page. Here you have an opportunity to make your brand and your team shine.

Every effort needs to be made to perfect this page. High quality professional images are recommended. Anyone looking to buy your products is going to spend a good deal of time here to try to know who you are and what you stand for.

Content for the Home Page

Without question the home page on your website is by far the most important. Here we’ll create the absolute main topic of the entire website. In addition we’ll add small portions touching on the topics of the other main pages.

As the home page, extreme care should be taken to perfect the content and make the best impression possible. Remember this is the page that you’re visitors will most likely land on. It needs to convert visitors into future customers.

Content Review and Approvals

Once the content of each page is complete, it will be sent to you for editing and approval. If you choose to provide the content yourselves, you can have the content uploaded as is.

The other alternative is to have us run a competitor audit prior to you writing the content. Wherever we have a hand in the content a full competitor audit is always run to optimize the content for SEO.

One way or the other, the content needs your final approval before the pages are built.

web design and development

3. Design and Development

If you already have a website, then we don’t want to interfere with the current traffic. We can develop your entire site on our own windows computers. This also applies to brand new websites as well.

At this point we’ll need all the photos you intend to use with your website design so that we can use them in this phase. It is preferable that all photos and videos are digital. For video media, you’ll need to have a youtube or other social account for hosting purposes.

Website Design Approval

Once the design is complete with the content and functioning software, then it’s time to meet again. This time we’ll be showing you the site that we’ve built for you with all the additional features.

Whatever you want edited at this point will get corrected. Then once you’re happy with the final design, we’ll begin the online uploading work.

Uploading the Site to Your Online Hosting Provider

Prior to uploading your site, we’ll ask you for you login details for your web hosting provider. If you don’t have a web hosting provider, we can recommend one to you. We can also handle the entire hosting issue on your behalf, either locally or abroad.

Once we have the hosting out of the way, we’ll begin to upload the website to your online account. This process takes anything up to a week to complete. So if we’re replacing your current site, please select an appropriate date for us to begin. We will be interrupting your current traffic during this phase.

Testing Links and Other Special Features

At this point, once the site has been uploaded to your hosting provider, we’ll begin testing. Testing includes all the special plugins like social sharing, commenting and anything that we’re using. Testing also includes all internal links as well to make sure all is working as should be.

Other Technical Solutions

Now we take care of your online security, both for your site and your visitors. Also page speed and caching is taken care of to ensure that your mobile traffic is fast and light on data.

Mobile Responsiveness is tested to make sure the site is displaying correctly on mobile phones. Mobile now makes up almost 50% of all online traffic. Also Google is now ranking sites using their mobile first platform.

website launch

5. Launching Your New Site

Finally, once everything has been tested, the site is open to the public and traffic can once again begin to flow. Your new site can be shared across social platforms and you can begin to engage with your customers.

6. Site Management and Maintenance Agreement

Your website needs constant management and maintenance to ensure it is functioning properly. WordPress, themes and plugins need to be updated regularly to prevent intrusion.

This is especially important for the security plugin. Websites that are not under constant management risk being infected and may also break down.

We offer management and maintenance for zimbabwe websites where we include posting new content. Content can be either new blog posts that you create or even making changes to information on the site.

In conclusion,

Thank you for taking the time to read through our post. We hope that it has been helpful to you and we hope you’ll consider us for you next web design project. We offer web design services, content creation, website audits and SEO in Harare and to the rest of Zimbabwe.

Our Goal is to create World Class Websites right here in Harare. It’s time for us in Zimbabwe to be recognized once more for producing high quality products.

Again for you we want to create great websites that are assets to your business. In other words, your website should create brand awareness and should covert your visitors.

If you like what you see and you think that you’d like us to handle these things for you, please feel free to fill out the form on our services page. We’ll be happy to help you.

Thanks again, have a great week and stay safe.

Kind Regards

Vitor M