Hi there, welcome back to Sellpore Systems. Content creation is one of the most important parts of your inbound marketing efforts. Not only does this provide useful information for your audience, it also attracts potential new customers to your website.

In this article I want to talk about the secret benefits of content creation. Content creation and content marketing go hand in hand. When we combine the two as part of our marketing strategy, the results are amazing.

Let’s get started.

What is Content

What is content?

There are many forms of content. Basically content is any information relating to a particular topic. The purpose is to educate or entertain people who may be interested in knowing more about the topic or subject at hand.

So content includes words, text, images, audio and video that the content creator makes and shares. Typically the content creator is an expert in his field. But in many cases it’s someone who has a hobby and is sharing his experiences. Both are valuable to their audience as we can all learn lessons from these people.

How does content creation benefit small business owners?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, what we know from our experience, places us in a unique position to give out valuable advise.

For instance, imagine you’re a plumber. You can give advise on how someone can prevent a leak from doing too much damage in their home. Then you tell people where to find the main inlet valve and how to turn that off. Just say you give heaps of advise.  Just an example.

So a grateful audience may return several times and eventually they may become a customer. This happened because you gave valuable advise. This in turn developed trust in your brand and created a good reputation for you. All this goodwill results in you getting more sales because you’re seen as the best in your industry.

For you to be effective as a content creator, you need to create high quality relevant content. The content needs to hold value with your audience and your writing skills needs to be developed.

Why content is important

Why is content creation important?

The first secret benefit of content creation is developing your communications skills. Nobody is talking about this stuff. You may be the best in your industry in whatever you do, but if you can’t market your business, then what? How are you going to attract new customers?

When you learn the skill of creating content for your blog, your social media platforms or even an ad. You’re learning the valuable lesson of what people respond to. You’re learning how to communicate and how to market your brand or your products.

According to the best copywriters in the world, you’re really in the business of marketing. Your product or service is just a deliverable. The more you develop your communications skills, the more valuable you’ll be and the more success you’ll experience. I’d would suggest that to be the most important benefit.

Content Marketing World

The Content Marketing World

We’re living in the most exciting times the world has ever experienced. There are so many opportunities for you to market your business. If you’re willing to take the time, you can do this at very little cost by creating content and sharing on social media.

This is known as content marketing and is the second secret benefit of content creation. With content marketing you’re learning another valuable skill. You’re learning the different types of content and which social platform to make use of for each.

Attracting new customers from several different social media platforms is valuable. Knowing what content works best on a different platform, what day and time to get the best response. How to create attractive and interesting content. This is all gold in the marketing world.

So at the end of the day, knowing how to attract an audience and drive traffic to your website or your business. This is all marketing and there really is nothing more important than being a rain maker.

Think about this for a moment. If you have skills that you can use to drive more customers to a business, or make more sales, how important are you to the business owner? The owner of that business may stop making use of many people in hard times. But not you. If you can drive more leads through your marketing skills, you’ll always be in demand.

Content in SEO

The Benefits of Content Marketing in SEO

The third secret benefit to content creation is learning to work with search engine optimization. As you create more content you’ll realize that outside of social media you have another great avenue to attract an audience.

As you come to discover how important a search engine is to your business you’ll begin to develop SEO skills. Now take writing skills, social media skills and SEO skills into account and you’re now going down an excellent career path.

SEO skills are more in demand now than ever before, but if you can create quality content and engage people on top. You have a bright future up ahead. What a powerful combination this is.

Essentially, this means that you become familiar with everything in digital marketing. You can start a digital marketing company of your own. You can offer epic content creation, content marketing, advertising and SEO. You won’t run out of work any time soon.

Here are additional benefits you’ll get from this skill set.

1. A Better Understanding of SEO

Forget about the old days when people were able to use unethical methods to rank on search engines. Those days are now gone. Today, search engines are better able to judge quality content and they take several factors into account to rank your articles.

The higher your engagement and the better the quality of your blog, the better you will rank on a search engine. So effectively combining good writing skills with SEO will allow your blog posts to do better. That means more visibility and more inbound traffic to your website.

2. Website Traffic from Search Queries

The more content you create for you blog that is interesting, educational and engaging, the more content you’ll be able to rank. This provides additional opportunities to drive traffic to your website from search engines. If they like what they see, they’ll be more likely to return for additional content later.

So this skill naturally attracts more inbound visitors to your site who may become future customers for your business.

3. Quality Leads

This is what the entire content marketing game is all about. Attracting those high quality leads that have an interest in your products and services. Often these leads are already in the market for what you offer, but are doing research to make sure they get the best.

Remember there is no lack of information on the internet. Your prospects can easily find what they need. Your ability to produce epic content is often the deciding factor for your prospects to turn to your brand.

4. Increase in Sales

As you create and nurture your leads, a percentage is going to convert resulting in an increase in your sales. If you do produce epic content and present it in a creative manner, you can lead your visitors to make a purchase.

It’s all in the power of words. A little secret that you might not be aware of is that people are tired of being bombarded with ads. They even go as far as using ad blockers. Your content skills are welcome to the same people because they’re not being sold. They can weigh up your content and make a decision that impacts your sales.

5. Brand Image

Your ability to create and distribute quality and engaging content reflects on the brand you’re promoting. Not only does it shed good light on the business but it improves brand authority as well. The image, the authority, the loyalty and the visibility of the brand gets a boost.

All these factors contribute to the overall strength of the brand and leads to successful and prosperous future. If you’re the one dealing with the content creation, then the more skilled you become the more you secure your own future.


The Benefits of Content Strategy

We’ve already gone over some of the benefits of content creation, but how about a content strategy. In everything we do, we need to have a strategy so that we’re aiming at the right target. So here are a few benefits you’ll get from developing a content strategy.

1. It sets you up to be proactive

Here’s a little known secret that you may not be aware of, it’s something that I learned not too long ago. During difficult times, think about building, promoting and preparing. Be proactive with your content and always be building towards a brighter future.

When you’re building during difficult times, you have a clear advantage over your competitors. Whilst they trying to figure out how to get through a bad patch, you’ll be adding and improving your skills. This makes your value rise exponentially.

When the good times come again, all you have built will be ready. Your skills would have gone way beyond anyone’s reach and you’ll be in a position of strength.

2. It gives you Direction

Use a strategy to focus on what you want to achieve, but be flexible. Sometimes we come across a more lucrative path that can easily add to what we want to achieve.

Again making a great effort towards you goal may be good, but if you have direction then it’s far more powerful.

3. Strategy Improves Efficiency

Because you know where to focus your attention you’re not wasting time beating around the bush. You’ll know what you need to accomplish and how to get it done. This improves your efficiency and is an added value to you as you can take this skill wherever you go.

4. Increases Market Share

Strategy leads to focus and focus leads to better output. Better output and higher quality targeted content can only lead to an increase in market share. Without a strategy it’s like throwing spaghetti up against the wall and hoping something will stick. it weakens your brand and creates questions

5. Makes Your Business Resilient

The more you create and distribute your content, the more people are likely to come across it at some point. Stick to your strategy and continue to promote your content on Google, Social Media and other marketing avenues. Your business will become well known and you’ll get plenty of sales, making your business more resilient to down turns in the economy.

Content Strategy

Why is a content strategy important?

The purpose of content creation is to attract your target customers. The purpose of the content strategy is to make sure you’re creating the right kinds of content and sharing in the right places. In other words, it’s makes up part of your marketing strategy.

The overall results should be that you attract pre-qualified customers. People who take an interest in your products and services and are looking to buy. They may be in the research stages and may be comparing your products with others.

However, a good strategy will convince most of your leads that you have the right product or the level of skills to satisfy their needs. It should save both you and the client time and money in their research and help them make a decision.

But also consider that a well developed website with excellent content is an asset. The higher the quality of every aspect of your marketing the more the asset is worth to you.

Tips for Content

Tips to Improve Your Content Creation

 A final secret that you may not know, probably the best one of all. You don’t have to have a degree to create good content. You can learn to create good content with time and practice, it does get easier with time. But you have to produce content if you want to market your business or your products and services.

1. Write As Much As You Can

You need to practice as much as you can. The more content you create the more opportunity you’ll have to see what people like and dislike. What they engage with, which links they’ll click. Everything is important from the headline to the body and even your closing statement.

2. Stay on Topic

When you get started you’ll want to write about everything you’re interested in. That’s ok because it gives you the practice. God knows we need the practice. But think before you post your article.

If you browse around my site, you’ll see some unrelated posts that have nothing to do with what I’m selling. Hey, let the perfect one among you throw the first pen (or pc).

But you see with practice, you’ll start to hone your skills and write more relevant content. I leave the articles as a reminder of this fact. Live and let live but learn as you live.

3. Try to Improve Upon Your Last Blog

Always try to out do yourself. It’s kind of like golf where you’re really competing with yourself. Of course you’re also competing with others.

However, trying to better your last post is building your skills. Do more research, use better tools. Try to explain in simple terms. Try to get a better engagement than you did on your last blog. Try to add another platform to your sharing strategy.

Always try to do better than the last time. The most difficult time is when you get writers block. Use that time to look for inspiration, on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

4. Get Organized

Watch to see how well your content is doing and how much engagement it’s getting. You’ll have successful blogs and others that are just trash. When you see that you have a blog post that is not performing, then redo the blog. Don’t let it pull your entire brand down.

Also, use a content calendar to organize future blogs. It will help you to develop a theme and stick to it. It takes the guess work out of the work you need to do and it is also a challenge.

Sometimes, a topic will come up that leaves you blank. Being determined to produce an article that is of high standards is the way to go because it causes you to work harder on it. It stretches you in good ways and helps you grow your skills.

5. Edit Your Work

Remember to read what you’ve written and correct your grammar and your spelling mistakes. Little things like this can be an irritant to your users, some are a little fussy about these things. But also keep in mind that these mistakes make you look sloppy and careless.

In conclusion,

It’s not easy being a content creator, and it’s harder still mixing these skills with SEO and digital marketing. But the value you bring to the table when you can produce great content that is versatile and fits in everywhere, is priceless.

I hope you take my recommendations and you work on these skills. It’s something that will benefit you whether you seek employment or you choose to open your own business. It’s marketing and he who makes it rain makes the money, or can demand it at least.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my post, I hope I have brought some value to you today and I welcome you back any time you’d like.

If you like what you see and you feel that you would like me to do some of this stuff for you, feel free to contact me on 0782 004 522. I’ll be happy to help you.

Have a great week and stay safe.


Vitor M