Hi and welcome back to Sellpore Systems. The best copywriters always say that you’re in the business of marketing. Whatever else you do, or what your business does to generate income, is just a deliverable. I’d say they may be onto something.

If you think about it, you can be the best at what you do. Your customers can rave about you or your products, but seldom do they promote you. Your best hope for growing your business is to learn marketing and actively promote your brand. This makes sense, but how many of us really learn how to be marketers over and above what we do or offer?

As usual let me start at the beginning and build up to the real content for the sake of those who may be starting out.

What is Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the manner in which we promote the things that we do or sell. We use marketing to educate and persuade people to use our brand over our competitors. This is a very simple way of thinking about marketing.

Marketing is really much more than that if you really want to get into it. But for the sake of this blog, you want to capture the attention of your target market and persuade them to buy from you. You also want to do this in a way that makes it easy for them to buy.

Why do we need marketing?

Marketing helps you to decide what product or service to offer in order to match what’s in demand. Imagine selling a freezer to an eskimo. Ice is freely available to the dude, why would he need a freezer? Offer him a stove and you might be onto something. So in other words, marketing helps you see what the market needs so you can decide what to offer in order to improve your chances of success.

Now, if you’re really good at marketing, then you can educate the people around you on how the product or service will benefit them. Better yet, you can convince them to buy your product over your competitors product.

Let’s take another look at one of the best marketers. Take Dan Kennedy for example. He used to command around $150k per campaign. His marketing skills were so good that a single campaign would fetch his customers millions in profits. He’s the one who said that you are in the business of marketing. Everything else is a deliverable. I think it might be a good idea to listen to the man.

Video Content

What is Video Marketing?

Taking what we’ve already said, video marketing is all about using video to promote your brand. Video can be quite a powerful part of your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s consider Youtube as an example. In 2019, the total number of  Youtube users exceeded 1.9 billion and over 500 hrs of video were uploaded every minute. If you take into account that the average user spends as much as almost 6 hours a month on Youtube.  That alone tells you why video marketing is so powerful, the average consumption alone is enormous. 

Video marketing has taken a similar direction to content marketing. Rather than creating ads, video marketers have taken to creating helpful and entertaining content. So by giving away useful content, marketers have been able to build their brands. People have taken well to this form of content and so it has become a major part of their digital marketing strategy.

Despite the fact that video is a skill set all on it’s own, the level of engagement makes the effort all the more worthwhile. People naturally engage with other people, so developing this skill has a lot of merit.

video benefits

Video Marketing Benefits

Marketing is all about exposing your brand and communicating what you offer. It has the benefit of having both a local and international appeal. The very nature of video helps you to connect with your audience. People respond well to people and so it’s natural for the creator to be the main character in the video.

Having said that, as we know a digital platform such as Youtube attracts massive numbers of users. This is a big benefit for a small business as it levels the playing field. Since there are already lots of people on these platforms, we have an audience ready to hear our message. This takes away much of the guess work when considering where to promote your business.

Video and SEO

Video has been known to boost your search engine rankings, clicks and conversions. Creating attractive video content on a platform like Youtube allows you to build up a following. As a result, the larger the audience you attract, the more they’ll engage with your brand. Engagement is also a massive ranking factor for Google and so this adds weight to your pages.

Video Is An Effective Media

Video is so powerful and a recent study proved it. It was found that as much as 57% of consumers were more likely to buy a product after watching a relevant video.

Add that to the massive reach that Youtube has and you can see why video marketing is so powerful. But besides that, there are several platforms that cater for video.

There are so many possibilities around video marketing. Your only limiting factor is your level of creativity. It’s also easily accessible to everyone and cost effective to produce as well.

Video is also known for it’s ability to boost retention levels in the consumer. Customers who hear a piece of media able to retain about 10% three days later. In contrast when a customer sees and hears the same content, their retention levels spikes to 65% three days later.

Video has Emotional Appeal

By our very nature, we use various facial expressions and different tones in our voice.  The most influential connection someone can have with another is attached to facial and voice expressions. These factors are what brings people together and allows you to make a direct appeal to their emotions.

Different Video Media

Different Types of Marketing Videos

Different videos types are going to appeal to different people. It’s always best to try and figure out what kinds of videos you going to present as part of your digital marketing strategy. Here’s a short list of some of the marketing videos you may consider before pulling out the camera.

1. Educational Videos

Educational videos are not only for children, their great for adults as well. A large portion of Youtube videos are educational content like the “How to” videos. These also include “Explainer Videos” where the author explains how to best make use of a product.

These are highly effective videos because of their helpful nature. It sets up the brand or the author as an expert in the field. It also builds trust in the author and gives him a major advantage over his competitors.

2. Brand Awareness Videos

To a large extent, these are more often a part of an ads campaign. The goal behind these videos is to build brand awareness and to build a bit of intrigue to attract your audience. In these marketing videos you might talk about your vision and mission or your products and services.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful way to show how your product helped people solve a certain problem. These people are often unrelated to the business but have purchased the product. This is like proof that what you offer is high quality. Testimonials like this have a massive impact on your marketing.

4. Personal Messages

Often an author may produce a personal message and post it to a Social Media Platform. These can be messages thanking subscribers or wishing them happy holidays. This kind of marketing video may also be used to respond to an email.

Prospects can find these types of videos to be delightful and touching. They also strengthen the bond with the prospect and create rapport, making it easier to convert them into customers.

5. Live Streaming

Live streaming is a powerful way to show your audience a behind the scenes view of your business activities. These kinds of videos have been effective in creating engagement as viewers are able to ask questions during the broadcast. Viewers may also spend as much as 8 times longer on this type of media than ordinary videos.

How Content Works

How Video Content Marketing Works

Video content marketing is very similar blog content marketing. The goal is to create quality and relevant content that is attractive and helpful to your target audience.

Then you want to build your brand and create a following. The more people follow you the more they create a buzz around your brand. Each piece of video content will generate some engagement and also drive traffic to your website.

It takes roughly 32 touch points for someone to become familiar with your brand. Once you have achieved these touch points, your chances of making a sale sky rockets.

Re-Purposing Your Content

Once you have created and uploaded your video, you’ll want to embed the video on your blog that has the same content. You can now share the page on the different social media platforms. This is why video marketing is so effective.

Then you break up the video into smaller snippets and share those on different platforms. You can also look for portions of the video that are particularly interesting and create new content around that topic. Your creativity is your only limiting factor.

A thirty minute video can create several additional pieces of content that you can use to market your small business. Often in a lengthy video we can make a brilliant comment or say or do something that relates to something else. These are all opportunities to re-purpose your content and reach even further.

Building on a Topic

Watch people like Grant Cardone, Frank Kern and Gary Vee. These guys are consistently building content around the same or similar topics. At most they’ll talk about three different things and they won’t stray. This is because they have become so good in these areas that they generate their entire income from these topics.

Building on a topic makes you the expert in that field. There are so many different angles to tackle a topic. So many different sub-topics and so on that you can continuously create fresh content around the same subject. You’ll get known for that niche and make the bulk of you sales in that area.


Engagement is when a user takes an action or comments on a given piece of content. This is a signal to Google or the Social Platform that the content is relevant to your audience in one way or another.

As you create your video stories around your two or three main topics, you’ll find that users will begin commenting more. This is a great opportunity to answer questions and engage with your audience. Direct engagement leads to brand loyal customers.

The more this happens the more traffic you’ll generate to your website. People like engaging and dislike being ignored. So it’s a good opportunity for you or your small business to create a bit of brand equity at the same time.

In conclusion,

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s topic. As you can see this article was just touching the tip of the subject. Video Content and Video Marketing go hand in hand and level the playing field for small businesses.

You no longer need the big budget or the fancy camera. Your mobile phone and your laptop camera can take care of 80 to 90% of you content needs. Youtube and similar platforms are free to upload your media. This is why video marketing is so powerful. You just need to figure out the rest and make it happen.

So I hope that you take the leap and make use of this wonderful media.

Thanks again and I welcome you to comment and please visit again. Have a great week and stay safe.


Vitor M